Anna De Suza

Anna comes from your typical family background. Two loving parents who adored each other and a sister with whom she sometimes clashed with as most sisters do, but who she also loves dearly. Anna grew up in a rural area in middle England, where she attended a comprehensive school, and was fortunate enough to have had a good upbringing with out need of fear or caution. She is also happily married.

People often told Anna that she ought to write a book about her experience since 2017, to which she would tell them it would be like a really bad episode of all the soaps combined, and woudn't be believable. Despite this she started to write it for closure and eventually decided it could be beneficial for other survivors of stalking, domestic abuse and coercive control , and to take back control for themselves.

This book is about her fight for justice. To ensure her perpetrator was held to account for his actions, and that the failings of the police and CPS would not be repeated with other survivors.